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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to view my photography! 

Now let me tell you a little about me.. I consider myself to be a Southern girl with cravings for diet coke and cake. I have lived in so many different places; all the way from Texas, Florida, West Virginia, and many more, and most recently have landed here in Huntsville, AL. I am mom to a 2 -year- old and a 24-year- old. Yes, I'm crazy, I started all over again! My mom brain made me forget how hard it was the first time. I'll blame it on that! I am also wife to the most awesome man, who also helps me out in every technology area you can think of! Thank goodness, I'd never get by without him.  After seeing my photos, you have probably learned that I tend to lean toward more artistic, creative photographs. I aim to give you images you will hang in your home as art for years for you and your family to enjoy!  

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Huntsville, AL