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About Krista Berg & Our Studio

Huntsville photographer Krista Berg posing for a portrait.

"Hello! I’m Krista Berg. I am an award-winning photographer and Southern girl who has lived in many different places including Texas, Florida, West Virginia, and many other cities. Most recently, I am living in Huntsville, Alabama.

Throughout my childhood, I practically grew up with a camera in my hand. From elementary friends to neighbors, I was hooked on the sensation of photographing others. From a degree in Applied Science to nursing and even flight attending for a short time, I finally returned back to my one true love, photography.

I am a mother of two- a 3 year old and a 25 year old- and a wife to an awesome husband who often assists me with my business. I am also mom to a fur-baby, Murphy, who is a Maltipoo.

After seeing my photos, you have probably learned that I tend to lean more towards artistic, creative photographs. My goal is to provide you (and your walls) with timeless images that your family and guests can admire!

I’ve spent years dedicated to learning from others to perfect my trade, in the hopes of providing you with the most elegant pictures for your home.

Pictures are forever, so invest in your memories today. Allow us to create pieces of history you’ll cherish for decades."


-Krista Berg

Owner, Krista Berg Photography LLC

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